The Tuscan AngloAmerican Festival in Florence intends to celebrate the strong bond between American universities, AngloAmerican culture and Tuscany in a dialouge between institutions, students, professors and teachers from all over the world and in all disciplines. About 9000 students study abroad each year through the forty different programs available in Florence alone.

The objective of the first Tuscan AngloAmerican Festival in Florence is to illustrate the many positive aspects of American and British student presence through activities that the American and British universities promote daily, such as conferences, art shows and photography, concerts, seminars and volunteer work in the community.

Through this Festival, American and British institutes and universities open their doors to the citizens of Tuscany, sharing their experiences and putting their students in contact with Italian students their own age. The Festival is an opportunity to enhance this special relationship by celebrating the reciprocal enrichment of cultures that continues to unite the U.S.A. and England with Tuscany and Florence.

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Emily Hayes is an English and Italian Language major from Fairfield University. She is currently studying abroad in Florence and interning with the Tuscan AngloAmerican Festival.


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