Tuscan-American Food Exchange


Together with James Madison University (JMU), Eataly Firenze held an event this past Thursday night in their store on Via Martelli entitled “Tuscan-American Food Exchange.” The event included guided tastings of Tuscan and American food, but emphasized the differences between the two cultures. Although America represents multiple food traditions that have been introduced to the country by immigrants from countless places around the world, including Italians, hamburger buns served as the “American bread.”

JMU’s Francesca Passeri, professor of “Food Industry in Italy” and “Wine Culture” within the Florence Program, illustrated the history and differences of a variety of breads and their pairings compared to the United States. Both American and Tuscan students were in attendence.

Eataly believes that food is a good way to bring cultures together. In order to truly know a culture, you have to know the food specialties. They emphasized that they wanted American students to understand what “real” Italian food and culture is.

The first Eataly opened in Torino in 2007, and six years later Eataly Firenze opened its doors in December of 2013.

“We love food. We love the stories behind the people who produce it and the places it comes from,” shared Alessia Rossino, a representative of Eataly Firenze. It is important to educate the community on what is authentically Italian, because through their food choices they can influence the way food is produced and consumed at a local, and eventually much larger, scale.

Eataly is all about “Eat, Shop, Learn,” and through this event in collaboration with James Madison University and the Tuscan AngloAmerican Festival in Florence they were able to relay this important message about food to up and coming Italian and American generations.

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